EARE’s position on the results of the trilogue discussions on the Copyright Directive

Fri, Feb 22, 2019

The European Alliance for Research Excellence (EARE) welcomes a positive development in last week’s trilogue meeting on the copyright directive.

By adopting a mandatory Text and Data Mining (TDM) exception in article 3a, negotiators have sent a strong positive signal to European innovators. A mandatory TDM exception will significantly encourage and bolster Europe’s Artificial Intelligence ambitions. This future-looking legislation will provide the European research and innovation ecosystem with much-needed legal clarity, and encourage our best talents to work for Europe as a driver of the AI revolution, able to compete with the US, Japan or China.

We would now strongly encourage all institutions to support the TDM exceptions, and for Member States to swiftly implement them into their national legislations. EARE members stand ready to work with all interested stakeholders to ensure that Europe is at the forefront of the global AI race.

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