Resources on TDM:

  • New Infographic: What AI needs to succeed

    How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) work and why is TDM crucial to make AI a success

  • VIDEO: Let’s make EU copyRIGHT for TDM

    Why Europe needs modern copyright rules that enable a fair and effective use of Text and Data Mining to ensure its global competitiveness and future prosperity.

  • Myths and Misunderstandings about Text and Data Mining in the Copyright Reform

    In this document, we are busting myths that exist around TDM in the copyright reform

  • Text and Data Mining in the context of Smart Data

    Patrick Bunk, CEO and Founder of Ubermetrics drafted an op-ed looking at the economics of Text and Data Mining and how a limited exception could harm the development of an ecosystem of European companies working on smart data and developing artificial intelligence.

  • ScienceEurope's full report on TDM

    The importance of Content Mining for Science

  • Copyright Law may drive successful startups out of Europe

    Founder Michal Brzezicki talks about the impact of the copyright reform on Polish startup SentiOne, a social listening tool, which conducts TDM of publicly available data. Should the copyright reform pass as it currently it, it may drive successful European startups out of Europe.

  • Policy Makers don't see the day-to-day implications of TDM

    Ubermetrics founder and CEO Patrick Bunk explains how the current copyright reform could create a lot of uncertainties for European startups conducting TDM activities in Europe.

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Unlocking the Benefits of Text & Data Mining in Europe

    TDM helps and ensures Europe's competitiveness and future prosperity

  • TDM can help bring the benefits of Research to everyone

    The EU has a huge opportunity to increase the uptake of TDM if it gets it rights says Lenard Koschwitz from Allied for Startups @FutureTDM Workshop

  • An introduction to Text and Data Mining from the Betty & Gordon Moore Library, University of Cambridge


  • Using machine learning and AI to reduce hospital readmissions

    How researchers use TDM to identify ways to reduce hospital readmissions for chronic conditions and provide corresponding actionable guidelines for patient-provider teams

  • Moodstock: a French startup used TDM to create a "Shazam for images"

    Moodstocks is a French image recognition company whose technology is described as the “Shazaam” for images. It compares images taken by a consumer using their phone with an annotated, indexed set of images it stored on its servers.

    The technology employed recognises user-uploaded pictures of posters, magazine photos, and product shots.

    To train their image recognition technology Moostock used machine learning of third party content.