What is TDM and who needs it?

TDM (Text & Data Mining) represents the next wave of innovation that is enabling European governments, researchers and small businesses to unlock the power of data. TDM generates actionable intelligence from data sets that were once too large and too volatile to analyse, and is driving revolutionary advances in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that are helping address some of society’s most pressing challenges.

TDM is now used by organizations of all sizes and in every sector of the economy to analyse enormous volumes of data, in line with EU data protection rules, and generate insights that would have been unimaginable just 10 years ago. Doctors are using TDM analysis to identify new cures for hard to treat diseases. Librarians and teachers are using TDM to identify better ways to educate students or inform the public. Businesses are using TDM to better understand the needs of consumers of their products and services while and startups use TDM to build new tools and develop innovations that create new jobs and unlock new opportunities. And governments all over the world are turning to TDM to improve the environment, transportation systems, public services and safety.

Researchers, startups, businesses both big and small, governments, schools, and individuals are forming unique partnerships to use TDM to help them learn from the ever-increasing amount of information that is produced every day. In the research community alone, more than 28,000 active scholarly peer-reviewed journals collectively publish nearly two million articles a year. With TDM, researchers can unlock the information and insights within this material and harness it to make breakthrough discoveries in critical fields like health, public safety, transportation, and ecology among other fields.