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EARE welcomes improvements made by MEP Comodini Cachia on TDM

ScienceEurope on how to make the Copyright Reform 'Science-friendly'

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  • Policy Makers don't see the day-to-day implications of TDM

    Ubermetrics founder and CEO Patrick Bunk explains how the current copyright reform could create a lot of uncertainties for European startups conducting TDM activities in Europe.

  • Copyright Law may drive successful startups out of Europe

    Founder Michal Brzezicki talks about the impact of the copyright reform on Polish startup SentiOne, a social listening tool, which conducts TDM of publicly available data. Should the copyright reform pass as it currently it, it may drive successful European startups out of Europe.

  • ScienceEurope's full report on TDM

    The importance of Content Mining for Science

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