EARE welcomes improvements made by MEP Comodini Cachia on TDM

MEP Comodini Cachia focused on impact proposed Text and Data Mining exception will have on startups and SMEs

Unlocking the Benefits of Text & Data Mining in Europe

Resources on TDM

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  • Unlocking the Benefits of Text & Data Mining in Europe

    TDM helps and ensures Europe's competitiveness and future prosperity

  • An introduction to Text and Data Mining from the Betty & Gordon Moore Library, University of Cambridge


  • Moodstock: a French startup used TDM to create a "Shazam for images"

    Moodstocks is a French image recognition company whose technology is described as the “Shazaam” for images. It compares images taken by a consumer using their phone with an annotated, indexed set of images it stored on its servers.

    The technology employed recognises user-uploaded pictures of posters, magazine photos, and product shots.

    To train their image recognition technology Moostock used machine learning of third party content.

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