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22 organisations signed the open letter on Securing Europe’s leadership in the data economy by revising the Text and Data Mining (TDM) exception - Read here

Read our statement on the latest Presidency compromise on TDM: A good first step but more needs to be done

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  • Let’s make EU copyRIGHT for TDM

    Why Europe needs modern copyright rules that enable a fair and effective use of Text and Data Mining to ensure its global competitiveness and future prosperity.

  • Myths and Misunderstandings about Text and Data Mining in the Copyright Reform

    In this document, we are busting myths that exist around TDM in the copyright reform

  • Text and Data Mining in the context of Smart Data

    Patrick Bunk, CEO and Founder of Ubermetrics drafted an op-ed looking at the economics of Text and Data Mining and how a limited exception could harm the development of an ecosystem of European companies working on smart data and developing artificial intelligence.

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