About us

About us

The European Alliance for Research Excellence (EARE) is a coalition of companies and research organizations committed to fostering excellence in research and innovation in Europe.

Established in 2017 with the support of Microsoft, Allied for Startups, and BSA | The Software Alliance, EARE brings together esteemed members from the European research and innovation ecosystem, including LIBER Europe, Research Libraries UK, UCL Library Services, SCONUL, and the UK Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA).

Our mission

At EARE, we firmly believe in the principle that data should be "as open as possible, as closed as necessary." Our primary objective is to advocate for a policy and legal environment that facilitates data sharing, fosters innovation, and promotes a competitive European research and innovation ecosystem. We strive to ensure that all European researchers have access to data in line with open data principles, encouraging advancements in various societal and economic domains.

Our members

EARE operates as a member-driven coalition, with our priorities and positioning shaped through a consensus-driven approach from our members.


Since our inception, EARE has been actively advocating for copyright rules that promote a fair and effective use of Text and Data Mining (TDM) through a broad, easily understandable TDM exception.

We successfully advocated for the adoption of this exception within the 2019 Directive for Copyright in the Digital Single Market, enabling researchers and commercial entities across Europe to perform TDM activities on materials they have lawful access to. Today, we have shifted our focus to open data and the important role it plays in driving innovation and societal progress.

Key Areas of Engagement

EARE has identified three priority pillars for engagement in the current and upcoming mandates:

  • Ensuring Access to Data

    We work to safeguard researchers’ access to data by advocating for robust data-sharing frameworks within existing EU legislation.

  • AI & Data

    We believe in fostering an environment that prioritizes transparent access to large and diverse datasets for AI innovation while ensuring a balanced approach to copyright protection

  • Enabling and Competitive Research & Innovation Ecosystem

    We collaborate with policymakers to establish the right economic and technical incentives for voluntary data sharing, fostering a vibrant European research environment.

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